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Diego Rivera Prints

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Diego Rivera Prints   Diego Rivera Prints
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Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera

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Diego Rivera Prints

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Not everyone will recognize the name Diego Rivera simply because he has not received the attention and praise his art work most certainly deserves.

When people think of famous painters, they automatically think of those more well-known to the world and those they have been exposed to. However, people often neglect Mexico as a source of very influential painters. Diego Rivera prints have put Mexico on the canvas of the art world and has left an indelible mark in the world of art.

Rivera was known as one of Los Tres Grandes, along with good friends David Siqueiros and Jose Orozco. He was a revered artist in his native Mexico and eventually the rest of the world, where Diego Rivera prints have left indelible impressions. He was very much a “crusader” for the people and unlike many popular artists at the time, his art was readily available to the working class. He was a realist and believed that the working class people had just as much right to appreciate art as anyone else.

This site will provide information on Diego Rivera in a way that will complete a clearer picture of the artist. You will also come to appreciate Diego Rivera prints and where his drive and motivation came from to create such lasting artwork.

  • You will come to know the man who was married many times but really only loved once.
  • You will read quotes from his equally famous wife, Frida Kahlo, describing him in revealing words.
  • You will learn of his range of influences.
  • You will be treated to an account of his controversial paintings.
  • You will understand his passion and commitment to Communism.
  • You will marvel at his work and impact on Mexican art.
  • You will see some of the most revealing Diego Rivera prints created.

And most of all, you will understand who Diego Rivera really is.

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