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Diego Rivera Prints   Diego Rivera Prints
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Museums and Exhibitions

Below you will find an on-going list of museums which hold Diego Rivera original art work. If you would like further, detailed information, you may contact the individual museum directly. Keep in mind that many of his works are also in private collections or painted on public property, whether it is on the walls of buildings or in parks.

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

  • Montserrat, 1911 (oil on canvas)
  • No. 9, Nature Morte Espagnole, 1915 (oil on canvas)

Arizona State University Art Museum, Arizona

  • Niña Parada, 1937

Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania

  • Enrrielando (Sawing Mills), 1927
  • Moscú (Moscow), 1927
  • Niña con Elotes (Girl with Ears of Corn), circa 1938

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, California

  • Study of Hands, 1921
  • A Good Load, 1925
  • Christ, 1926
  • Woman’s Head, 1926
  • Mexican Woman with Corn, 1926
  • Portrait of Arthur Brown, Jr., 1931
  • Zapata, 1932
  • Sleeping Family, 1932
  • Market, 1930
  • Self-portrait, 1930 (lithograph)
  • Open Air School, 1932
  • Fruits of Labor, 1932
  • Two Women and a Child, 1926 (oil on canvas)

Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires

  • Paisaje con Cactus
  • Ultima Hora
  • Vendedora do Alcatraces
  • Autorretrato
  • Girasoles
  • Retrato de la Señora Natasha Gelman
  • Sin Titulo
  • El Curandero

Guilford College of Art, North Carolina

  • Female Figure with Jar, circa 1930’s (graphite)
  • Four Figures (Masked), undated (graphite)
  • Man Carrying Plank, circa 1930’s (graphite)

Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College, Louisiana

  • Indian Woman

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina

  • Composition with clock, 1914

Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Brazil

  • O Carregador (Las Ilusiones), 1944
  • Los Sembradores (Os semeadores), 1947

Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island

  • Woman Nursing Child

Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona

  • Mujer Indigena Tejiendo (Indian Spinning)

San Diego Museum of Art, California

  • Sueno, 1932
  • Head of a Peasant Girl, 1937
  • Mandragora, 1939
  • The Hands of Dr. Moore, 1940

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California

  • Día de las Flores, 1925

Tate Gallery, London, England

  • Still Life, 1916
  • Mrs. Helen Wills Moody, 1930

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran

  • Self-portrait

Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts

  • Mother and Child, 1927

Palacio de las Bellas Artes, Mexico

  • Man in Control of the Universe
  • La Revolución rusa, 1933
  • La dictadura, 1936
  • Danza de los Huichilobos, 1936
  • Mexico folklórico y turístico, 1936
  • Leyenda de Agustín Lorenzo, 1936

Museo Mural Diego Rivera, Mexico

  • Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda
  • La Era, 1904

Museo Dolores Olmedo Patiño, Mexico

  • El Matemático (The Mathematician), 1919
  • En la Fuente de Toledo (In the Fountain of Toledo)
  • Still Life with knife and Fruits by the Window
  • La Tehuana, portrait of Mrs. Dolores Olmedo Patiño
  • Las Sandias (the Watermelons)
  • Many more

Palacio de Cortes, Mexico

  • wall murals



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